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Generate a Loan Worksheet with Fees, Costs, Cash to Close and Payment ONLINE NOW

If this calculator is being used in Northern Ohio most if not all of the Cost Estimates in boxes 3-11 should be left to auto calculate.   In Box 1 you may wish to change the Misc Origination Fees (Processing, Document Prep, Underwriting and Verifications) In general my Misc Fees are $961.90.  Depending on your loan type this number might be higher than it needs to be.  Generally for Ohio mortgages, these charges are greater than $1,000 and I have seen them as high as $1,500 and even heard of some above $2,000.  In many cases the Misc Fees represent a lenders fixed costs associated with a loan request.  Other lenders will have a higher misc fee telling you that you will pay no points.   Part of the logic or benefit of the New GFE Format is all Origination Fees, Discount Points and Misc Fees are presented as one total.  Regardless of the name or title this assist borrowers in comparing quotes.  Please feel free to contact me if you want an to know my Total Origination Fees against another Lenders.   I may not always have the best priced loan for you, however in many cases I will.  Make a call and see if I can save you money.

If you want to compare different rate & Closing Cost options, you may wish to use this Break Even Calculator, It allows you to compare different Rate & Closing Cost options based upon how long you expect to have the mortgage.  

The Shaded fields should be changed based upon your transaction.  Some or the other fees can be changed if needed. 

Please add any lender Origination Fees, Discount Points, Processing and Underwriting Fees to this calculator.  

.. Calc4WebCenter.xls
Purchase Loan Worksheet Cash to Close and Payment with Itemized Breakdown of Costs
Sales Price Property County Rate of Interest
Term of Loan
Base Loan $ -- DP % or $ Amount # of Units
Upfront MIP LTV
Loan Amount with Upfront This is an Underwriting & Funding Costs
Month of Closing 1st Payment - Online Estimate Processing, Document Prep and Misc
FUNDS SUMMARY Call Payment Summary
Down Payment P/I Payment  
Borrower Closing Costs at Close Tim Bradford
Taxes per Year
Ernest Money HO Insurance
Sellers Assistance Requested
Total Payment  
Other (Condo, Assoc, PUD Fees)
With Other  
Origination Fee $$ Amt or %% ***
Prepaid Items- See PTC Items below for Custom Quote Discount Points $$ Amt or %% ***
Additional Funds to Verify Estimated Months of Monthly PMI or MIP
Buyers Typically Seller GFE Total   This worksheet is only valid when estimating the Cash To Close and Payment if Costs are Correctly Estimated.
Default Cost are those typical in Northern Ohio.
Paid at close Prior to Close Financed Paid  
*** Regarding Origination Fees and Discount Points
The Payment of Origination Fees or Discount Points is optional. The elimination or reduction of these costs will affect the Rate of Interest offered on your loan request. Please discuss your options with an experienced loan officer.
GFE Boxes 1 & 2 - Origination Charges - ZERO TOLERANCE
for Increase
Origination Fee(% or $) - Varies Based upon Rate desired
  Discount Points(% or $) - Varies Based Upon Rate Offered
0.00   Enter Description if Used
      Lender Doc Prep, Processing, Verifications and Other Misc Charges
GFE Box 3- Required Services Lender Selects - 10% TOLERANCE
  10% Tolerance for Increase Appraisal Costs (Estimated- Adjusted at closing) Units?
  50.00 Credit Report Costs (Estimated - Adjusted at closing)
18.00   Flood Cert Fee
    84.00 Tax Service Fee
    Upftont PMI/MIP
    Escrow Coordination to American Escrow (if Outside Escrow)
    Verification Costs - Tax Returns/Employment if Charge to AMMC
    Appr ReInspection Fees PBS (If required) $100.00
GFE Box 4 - Title Services and Lenders Title Insurance
Tolerance Varies based on who chooses or identifies Provider
  Tolerance for change is based upon who selects provider If selected or identified by Lender 10% Tolerance Applies. Escrow Fees
  Misc Charges from Title Company - Updates, Wire Costs, Delivery Costs
  Title Binder
    Title Exam
    Deed Prep/Attorney Fees
50.00     Closing Protection Letter - If Outside Escrow (Typically $35.00 Ohio)
100.00   Lenders Title Ins Base == Total with Endorsements-->
  Lenders Title Ins - Increased Loan Amount w 203K
75.00   Title Endorsement - EPA (Typically $75.00 Ohio)
75.00   Title Endorsement - Comprehensive-(Typically $75.00 Ohio)
50.00   Title Endorsement - Survey-(Typically $75.00 Ohio)
  Title Endorsement - ARM Loans-(Typically $75.00 Ohio)
  Title Endorsement - CONDO or Planned Unit Dev -(Typically $75.00 Ohio)
  GFE Box 5- Owners Title Insurance-Standard Coverage
GFE Box 6- Required Services that you can shop for
200.00   50.00 Box 7 Government Recording Charges - 10% TOLERANCE
Box 8- Transfer Tax - Zero TOLERANCE
  ZERO Tolerance for Increase County Transfer Fee
      Transfer Tax County
Box 9- Initial Deposit for your Escrow Account
      Property Taxes - future tax bills(Typically PBS From Proration)
    0 Monthly MIP/PMI
    2 Home Owners Insurance
Box 10 - Daily Interest Charges - Per Day
        Days - Interest to Close - HUD Recommends 15 days On GFE
Box 11- Home Owners Insurances
      Months of HomeOwners
  0.00       Flood Insurance Cost $$$ (if Required)
Breakdown of Cost for a GFE
Paid at Close PTC Financed PBS Total
PBS are items that are typically being paid by the seller according to contracts written in Northern Ohio
PTC are PREPAID items that are typically paid prior to closing. Review Table for these items.
A Good Faith Estimate is provided pursuant to federal law upon submission of a formal loan application. This "Loan Worksheet" is provided for informational purposes ONLY to assist borrowers prior or when reviewing an official "Good Faith Estimate". Besides showing the "Expected Monthly Payment" and "Expected Cash to Close", this calculator breaks the costs into
Four Groups: Costs Paid at Closing, Cost Paid during the Loan Process, Costs Financed and Costs paid by Seller.
Calculator is the property of Tim Bradford, an employee of American Midwest Mortgage, Call with any Questions




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