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Understanding the New Good Faith Estimate

This Section details the Fees controlled by your Lender
There is a ZERO Tolerance in these fees once Page 3 of HUD-1 takes effect.

The amounts on line 1 includes any Origination Fees, Underwriting, Processing Fees.  Because this is a Summary Document you should also receive a detailed breakdown of these fees.

The amounts in box 2 give are typically used to show any Discount Points paid or Credit For Closings Costs offered by your lender.   
 Here is a Calculator that might assist you in choosing the Best Loan Option



This Section estimates the Fees/Charges for all Other Settlement Services

Before proceeding remember that your lender will be guaranteeing the amounts in box 3 & 7 not to increase by more than 10%.  Generally, you should not see much variance in these two boxes because the cost of Appraisals, Credit Reports, Upfront Mortgage Insurance and Recording Fees are generally very similar from one lender to another.   Also, at Closing your lender is only allowed to charge you the actual cost of each of the service provided.  Because your lender knows that these costs can increase 10%, is not a reason for them to underestimate the costs.  So Beware if you see differences. 

The costs in boxes 4, 5, 6 are not subject to any guarantee unless the providers are selected by your lender and the providers information is included on the "List of Service Providers".  If you use a provider from the lenders list, your lender is guaranteeing the estimate subject to the the 10% Tolerance they same as Boxes 3 & 7.    Again beware of Low Estimate if you are not using a provider identified by your lender.   





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