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Welcome to www.GetGFE.com or ww.GFEforDummies.com

The purpose of this site is to provide consumers information regarding the New Good Faith Estimate that went into effect  January 1, 2010.  HUD's desire to assist borrowers in shopping starts with a new three page GFE that will be identical regardless of the lender that gives you a Good Faith Estimate. 

On the New GFE, Page 1 summarizes the details of the loan offer.  This includes the Rate of Interest, Term of the Loan and the Princple and Interest Payment.  This page also details the term of any rate lock offer and will confirm if you are receiving anything other than a Fixed Rate Loan.  As you compare quotes from different Lenders it is important that you compare identical loan products. 

Page 2 details the costs associated with the loan.  This page and the costs does cause some confusion and concern to borrowers because all costs, Buyers and Sellers, are shown.  For this reason, lenders generally will give you some form of worksheet that will help you show a breakdown of the costs.  On this site you will find a Calculator that will provide you an online version of a fees worksheet for properties in Northern Ohio.   

Page 3 explains what fees must be guaranteed by your lender, what fees are subject to a 10% tolerance and what fees are merely estimates without any guarantee.  Also, on this page is a loan comparison table and also a shopping grid.  Both are available on this website.  

If you are merely looking to see my online fees worksheet and payment estimate, please go here.

I do welcome any comments and suggestions for improvement of the information presented here.  With that said, I would suggest that you review the information presented on each page of this site,   Please start with the General Introduction to the Good Faith Estimate, then proceed to a review of the detail on Second Page of the Good Faith Estimate, Lastly you will want to review the information about comparison shopping and the Trade Off table that is located on the Third page of the Good Faith Estimate. 

I wish you success in your Purchase

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